About us

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In 2014 we founded our company, with sacrifices and tears for letting our customers not only to have the best products but also for giving them assistance for resolving every problem or any doubts.

  • Selecting the best Italian made products
  • The products at the best price 
  • Assistance team 24/24h
  • Assurance for a refund 30 days

Our team 

Joy Shop acquista con gioia

Behind every pc, there is a human being!

It might seem commonplace but our staff is the heart of the company. We give our best for keep improving every time possible: we try to communicate with our producers and try to involve with new and talented peoples and also we curate and control all the people spending time on our site which is not an easy thing. 

We are not the producer, that's the selling point!

We don't need to sell our products, we select the best one from the many and many producers of mattresses, pillows etc on the market and we make them our partners.

The best prices.

On the internet, you can find everything, and most of the time is a good and bad thing. We only sell the real made in Italy products that are made with all the best quality and preservative.

Buy with Joy